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  “Once the truth starts coming out it will cause this kind of confusion amongst the members of the dominant society, which sets off a chain. So I think [Traces of the Trade] is a good beginning. But what now?.”

— Dr. Jessie Ruth Gaston, quoted in Inheriting the Trade

Tom DeWolf's Lecture and Appearance Schedule

To schedule Tom to speak to your group or organization please contact Lindi at lindi@tomdewolf.com.

“Tom visited the University of Alabama at Birmingham [March 2010] and people are still buzzing about his lecture and the emotions that it evoked.  ‘Powerful,’ ‘Profound,’ and ‘awakening’ were just a few words that people who attended the program used to describe their experience. We were so very fortunate to have Mr. DeWolf on our campus.”

— Creston C. Lynch, Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Diversity, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

“Tom DeWolf’s visit to my classroom early in the semester set the tone for the weeks of fruitful discussions of race, slavery and abolition that followed. By sharing his personal story and relating that story to the past, DeWolf demonstrated for a group of mostly history beginners that the past and the present are deeply intertwined and that making the past personal, however disturbing that may be, can fuel the quest for knowledge.”

— David Gelman, Associate Professor of History, DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana
“Your ability to link the effects of slavery and its systemic effects to present day health inequities generated interest and participation from groups of people we have been trying to reach for many years. Many Board members felt this particular event was one of our most successful because the audience was able to connect with your experience and our history of slavery and tie it to the present day health status of groups of people. Thomas, working with you was easy and pleasurable. I hope our paths cross again soon.”
— Alma Burrell, Health Care Program Manager, Santa Clara County Public Health Department, San Jose, California


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      Inheriting the Trade, by Thomas Norman DeWolf, is published by Beacon Press. Copyright 2007.